What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a system that allows you to grow your plants and fish together. It is different from hydroponics because hydroponics grows plants using water enriched with nutrients that are ‘chemicals’. Aquaponics plants obtain their nutrients from the natural organic fish waste.

 It is a very simple process:

1. The fishes in the system will produce their organic waste.
2. These waste will be eventually converted to nitrates by the beneficial bacteria that exists naturally within the system.
3. The plants will absorb the nitrates as nutrients, cleaning the water in the process.  Hence the cleansed water will returned to the fish tank to keep the fishes healthy and to be ready to get fertilized by the fish waste again.


This is essentially the Aquaponics “system” 

Thus as a Aquaponics owner,  you would only have one job – feeding and enjoying the fish.  Not forgetting the organic greens!