Grow Your Own Organic Veggies

with less than 10 minutes spent daily!

Compact and space saving

Our aquaponics systems are designed to be compact and with various different shapes, you can fit them to different spaces for a space saving installation

Easy and fast assembly

Our aquaponics systems comes in easy to fix assembly modules. With the user manual that’s included, it’s quick and fast to get it up and running

Fresh & chemical free

Our aquaponics systems promotes organic growth of plants/veggies with no introduction of chemicals nutrients and the use of all natural wastes. Nothing is fresher than veggies plucked straight from your aquaponics systems to the kitchen table

Healthy eating from home

With our aquaponics systems, you could harvest some mints for a salad one day and salad leaves the next – without leaving your home and with all healthy, organic produces

Get family & kids involved

Get your family members involved with the growing process and get more family time together. Kids would love to feed the fishes (a necessary and fun step for the aquaponics cycle)

Save your money

With plants/veggies coming direct from your own ͞mini͟ farm, you save on the groceries too

Product & Service

We design & build Aquaponics systems that suitable to for indoor, balcony & outdoor environments.  It’s suitable for you even if you have no prior experiences with plants or in keeping an aquarium.

We also sell Aquaponics systems & accessories as well as plants that you can place into the Aquaponics system.  In addition, fresh veggies and fishes are also available.
If you need any help with the system setup, we are also please to to help you setup your Aquaponics system that you have purchased from us.

For a jump start to your Aquaponics system, we can also provide a regular supply of young plants/veggie for you to add into your Aquaponics system so that you may enjoy a constant supply of veggies at your home.

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